Shôko Madrid becomes the first discotheque in Madrid to obtain the “Triple Excellence” in nightlife

Sunday, December 08 · 2019
The Shôko Madrid discotheque has become the first discotheque in Madrid to obtain the “Triple Excellence” certification in nightlife, the highest distinction currently existing at an international level in this sector. In Spain, 8 stores in Ibiza, 7 in Tenerife and 5 in Barcelona already hold this highest distinction, but to date none has been certified in Madrid, and Shôko Madrid has become the first in the state capital to hold it. The first club in the world to achieve this maximum distinction was Cavalli Club de Dubai. This remarkable achievement includes the “International Nightlife Safety Certified” (INSC), the “International Nightlife Acoustic Quality” (INAQ), and the “International Nightlife Quality Service” (INQS). The implementation of these distinctions that make up the “Triple Excellence” entails substantial improvements in the offer of the premises that obtain them in all areas and is perfectly compatible and cumulative to the municipal security badge that last week jointly presented the City of Madrid and representative of the sector and responds to the acronym ITAO (Technical Inspection Leisure Activities), as stressed today by Tito Pajares, vice president of SPAIN NIGHTLIFE. Shôko Madrid has therefore passed the three international certifications with great firmness, showing a great commitment to safety, quality and excellence. The three seals require an exhaustive study and audit and, as a consequence, their implementation means a great improvement of faces for their users and for tourism. In addition to the audit and inspections carried out to obtain the awards, a series of conclusions, recommendations and assessments are drawn that allow the premises subject to them to improve their service. As has been said, this triple distinction is made up of the INSC safety mark, the INAQ acoustics mark and the INQS service quality mark. The first of these requires the club to have an alcoholmeter, a protocol to avoid sexual aggressions, cardiac rescuers, metal detectors and all its personnel to have attended a practical course on security, among other requirements related to security. The second of these requires the local to adopt measures to protect the hearing health of customers and workers, as well as adopt measures to protect the rest of neighbors and requires it to have a sound limiter, among other measures. The third distinctive relating to quality of service analyzes all the staff of the premises and all the services that the premises offers its customers and not only in its facilities, and values from the parking, accesses, staff, professionalism, their presence, the VIP area, community management, online reservations, staff clothing, speed and quality of service, cleanliness, comfort, friendliness, treatment and so on… without forgetting to emphasize that it also values the local commitment to the environment and sustainability and the objectives of United Nations Development that includes, among other objectives, gender equality, access to work for disabled people, recycling and appropriate working conditions. These requirements are demanded whenever the International Nightlife Association is a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). As Joaquim Boadas de Quintana, secretary general of Spain Nightlife and the International Nightlife Association explained, “The Triple Excellence in Nightlife guarantees the customer that the place he is visiting is committed to the safety of its users and quality, something very valuable when it comes to nightclubs in different parts of the world as it brings peace of mind to their customers and their families, as well as to entrepreneurs themselves as they can work more quietly.  It also ensures that the staff working in the facilities have the level of quality that the visitor deserves, thereby generating a significant flow of customers.  Finally, Shôko Madrid has been included in the list of the 100 best clubs in the world (The World’s 100 Best Clubs) of 2019, occupying the position number 50 of this prestigious international list that was made public last November 13 in Bogota (Colombia) in the framework of the 5th edition of the Golden Moon Awards.